Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Sold Item

My first item i ever sold was offered at $6.00.  it was sold to a girl at my school, AJ.  heres a pic of the wonderful cupcake box.


Hey people!!

i have decided to start a blog (obviously) about things that i make.  
i crochet, sew, can do origami, like scrapbooking, and ya.......

so this is where i will tell you about the crafty side of my life.  me n my friend have a etsy shop, JimJims fyi,  and please dont tell her.  i want to see how long i can keep this a secret.  you can also ask questions about any items here.  i will sign my items with a so that you will know its my item.  if it is not signed with a ♥, i may not be able to answer you question.

i am only 11 so dont judge my horribleness/lack of creativity