Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Listing Made by Moi!!

Hey Everyone!!

as u know i am sharing a shop with my friend jane.  well, today i listed ma first item!!  heres da link:

here are a couple of da pics that i liked:

me is so proud of my self (hehe) cuz its the first pair i eva made!!  also the first jewelry piece i ever made.  please check em out and comment below for any suggestions u might have


wait!!  b4 u go, i wanna tell u guys about a great etsy seller i discovered just now through an etsy chat room.  her bloggie is Mermaids Closet and her shop is at BlueBerryShoes.  she makes the CUTEST little brooches!!  i absolutely luv em and i wanna ask ma friend if i can get one.  the account is under her paypal so humph.  i have to ask her for EVERYTHING!!  grr.  anywhoo, hop on over n take a look!!  kk.  nuff for now!!  gonna get some shuteye

Monday, April 13, 2009




u know the previous post i did about the crocheted crochethook/supply holder?  well, my dog Tobi is on it again!  he has this addiction to yarn.  he attacks it, unravels it, eats it (well, not really) and spreads it out to make a great big mess/bed for himself.  UGH! well, my WIP is gone and i think, no i KNOW, that he is to blame!!  oh no......

OMG!!  im multitasking (tsk tsk) but OMG GUESS WHAT????   SALDFJLASKDFASDJF ALSDGLKHQSLGDALJSDkfjkasdkfj qEWASD:GJ 

qeoari sdxlkfmlakfsxcf j;laskdjfaskld

ok.  got my excitement out. won a $15 gift card to any of the participating shops of the easter egg hunt!!

which shop do U think we should use the coupon in.  i dont think were gonna use it in any of the soap shops.  anyways, HELP!!  i have no idea which one to choose!!

ok........this week is EASTER BREAK!!  NO SCHOOL!!

so i tested out the flower:

oh ya!  happy easter!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey Peeps!!

here is a project taking longer than expected.....

i am a little lousy at sewing bigger scale (since i have issues with keeping the fabric straight so i often get a curvy mess) and i REALLY need a supply case.  FAST!!  so i took a look on flickr, my number 2 source of inspiration (second to etsy of course), and saw THESE!!

i dont really do patterns cuz they are just so  personal.  u know!!  its too, deja vu.  anywhoo, since i havnt ever done this before (like a case) i was looking for patterns.  what did i find *this is the part where u say 'NADA!'*  

u would be correct!!  nada pretty much sums it all up.  all i found was sewing patterns.  well, with a 4.25mm crochet hook in hand, i improvise!!  going with only a picture.  here it is so far.  not much, i know, but somehting.  a start.  HOPE!!

eww i sound like some freak!!

oo! quick tip!  for those of you who need to photograph @ night, heres a good tip. has a tool that allows you to change the exposure and contrast.  use it!!  the above pic USED to be a black, dark, grey, mess.  i fixed it!!!  it of course isnt a perfect too, but it will have to do....

Crochet Flower

lookie what I FOUND!!  its LOVELY and EXACTLY what i have been looking for!!  other tutorials just give you pics, or too much dilly dallying, or not enough detail, etc.  this tutorial for a Crochet Flower from MultiCrafty is something i will use to spruce up my kreations!!  omg EXCITED!!  i am gonna have a lot of time this week (i have easter break so NO SCHOOL) to have fun.  admit it!  u totally LUV it!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


oops!!  pics outa order.  w/e.  i guess my first thing to show you is my teddy bear.  he is sky blue with white limbs and tail and dark blue ears!!

next come my fluffy white easter bunnies.  i have brown chocolate bunny too, but i dont have pictures

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sneak Preview!!

gold applique

damn!  3 posts in a day!  

anwhoo, my friend jane, the persona who does jimjims with me, has made a shirt!!  here are pics.  shes probably not gonna put them in the shop but whatever.

Purple Applique Heart Shirt (i know, bad pic)


u guys like the new banner?  real quickie.  took less than 15 minutes!!  i adore it.  u might not though......  i could make a custom banner for you if you give me some overview of what you're looking for.  whatever.  crafting isnt limited to physical things........

OH!!  almost forgot!  also make a signature.  just some text right below.  


check this out!!  it is ADORABLE!!  its needle felted (from scratch) by moxie.  puppets need puppets too!!  its an adorable pink monster-like puppet with a green little pupfriend!!

how can you NOT luv this??

Izzy ~kawaii kreations~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sevi Designs 7 Days of Giveaways AGAIN!!

i just checked back on this new favorite blog of mine ( ) and saw the latest give away.  adorable PLUSHIE PATTERNS!!  absolutely LOVE THEM!!  pics,pics,pics,pics!! in order of which ones i like da best.

Sevi Designs 7 Days of Giveaways

Hey everyone!!

i have officially entered my first attempt at a giveaway.  sevi designs just posted giveaway #2
and i, being a kid having to go to school, dont have time to go to a cute fabric shop and carfully chose out my favorite fabrics.  my mom also isnt exactly a fan of buying off the internet.  

this is the fabric that i commented about and i LOVE IT!!  i would do ANYTHING FOR IT!!  omg.  its from hip fabric, the people giving away the fabric.  omgomgomgomgomg STARLING FABRIC!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Sold Item

My first item i ever sold was offered at $6.00.  it was sold to a girl at my school, AJ.  heres a pic of the wonderful cupcake box.


Hey people!!

i have decided to start a blog (obviously) about things that i make.  
i crochet, sew, can do origami, like scrapbooking, and ya.......

so this is where i will tell you about the crafty side of my life.  me n my friend have a etsy shop, JimJims fyi,  and please dont tell her.  i want to see how long i can keep this a secret.  you can also ask questions about any items here.  i will sign my items with a so that you will know its my item.  if it is not signed with a ♥, i may not be able to answer you question.

i am only 11 so dont judge my horribleness/lack of creativity