Monday, April 13, 2009




u know the previous post i did about the crocheted crochethook/supply holder?  well, my dog Tobi is on it again!  he has this addiction to yarn.  he attacks it, unravels it, eats it (well, not really) and spreads it out to make a great big mess/bed for himself.  UGH! well, my WIP is gone and i think, no i KNOW, that he is to blame!!  oh no......

OMG!!  im multitasking (tsk tsk) but OMG GUESS WHAT????   SALDFJLASKDFASDJF ALSDGLKHQSLGDALJSDkfjkasdkfj qEWASD:GJ 

qeoari sdxlkfmlakfsxcf j;laskdjfaskld

ok.  got my excitement out. won a $15 gift card to any of the participating shops of the easter egg hunt!!

which shop do U think we should use the coupon in.  i dont think were gonna use it in any of the soap shops.  anyways, HELP!!  i have no idea which one to choose!!

ok........this week is EASTER BREAK!!  NO SCHOOL!!

so i tested out the flower:

oh ya!  happy easter!!

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