Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey Peeps!!

here is a project taking longer than expected.....

i am a little lousy at sewing bigger scale (since i have issues with keeping the fabric straight so i often get a curvy mess) and i REALLY need a supply case.  FAST!!  so i took a look on flickr, my number 2 source of inspiration (second to etsy of course), and saw THESE!!

i dont really do patterns cuz they are just so  personal.  u know!!  its too, deja vu.  anywhoo, since i havnt ever done this before (like a case) i was looking for patterns.  what did i find *this is the part where u say 'NADA!'*  

u would be correct!!  nada pretty much sums it all up.  all i found was sewing patterns.  well, with a 4.25mm crochet hook in hand, i improvise!!  going with only a picture.  here it is so far.  not much, i know, but somehting.  a start.  HOPE!!

eww i sound like some freak!!

oo! quick tip!  for those of you who need to photograph @ night, heres a good tip. has a tool that allows you to change the exposure and contrast.  use it!!  the above pic USED to be a black, dark, grey, mess.  i fixed it!!!  it of course isnt a perfect too, but it will have to do....

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