Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Listing Made by Moi!!

Hey Everyone!!

as u know i am sharing a shop with my friend jane.  well, today i listed ma first item!!  heres da link:

here are a couple of da pics that i liked:

me is so proud of my self (hehe) cuz its the first pair i eva made!!  also the first jewelry piece i ever made.  please check em out and comment below for any suggestions u might have


wait!!  b4 u go, i wanna tell u guys about a great etsy seller i discovered just now through an etsy chat room.  her bloggie is Mermaids Closet and her shop is at BlueBerryShoes.  she makes the CUTEST little brooches!!  i absolutely luv em and i wanna ask ma friend if i can get one.  the account is under her paypal so humph.  i have to ask her for EVERYTHING!!  grr.  anywhoo, hop on over n take a look!!  kk.  nuff for now!!  gonna get some shuteye


  1. ur earing r awsome i wish i had my ears peirced so i could wear them!! good job for ur first pair!

  2. wow good job!! You are so young, yet so talented already :)

    Just a friendly tip...your pictures are a little bit dark. And some of them look yellow (bathroom lighting?). Make sure you adjust the white balance on your camera to compensate for the different color lights. For more tips, you can check out my blog post about taking pictures back in February. Feel free to ask me if you have questions too :)

  3. Hiya Jimjims! Those earrings are super cute, congrats on your first listing :D
    I saw that you wanted to know what program I used on my blog to make my graphics; I use inkscape, which is free for download. I also have heard about, check it out!